Custom URL scheme

Starting from v5.1.6 CameraPixels supports custom URL scheme "camerapixels". You can launch CameraPixels in a specific capture mode by providing a proper URL. The following URLs are currently supported:

  • camerapixels://  - launches CameraPixels in Photo capture mode
  • camerapixels://  - launches CameraPixels in Video capture mode
  • camerapixels://mode.burst  - launches CameraPixels in Burst capture mode
  • camerapixels://mode.timelapse  - launches CameraPixels in Time-lapse capture mode
  • camerapixels://mode.selfie  - launches CameraPixels in Photo capture mode using front camera

Example of opening CameraPixels in Burst capture mode:

Future versions of CameraPixels are planned to support more parameters in custom URL, e.g. manual settings, resolution, etc.

P.S. don't forget to add LSApplicationQueriesSchemes of type array with item camerapixels to your app's Info.plist file: